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Ed Martin is an award winning artist who has spent over 38 years developing his craft.  


As a member of the exciting "Outsider Art" movement, he is completely self taught and has no outer influences on his work. He works in his studio at his home in Springfield, Illinois; he has perfected the art of beveling, fusing, three dimensional etching, glass staining, as well as unique methods of burnishing metals to perfectly meld with his work. In his career he has made a vast body of work that covers all facets of glass which a small portion can be viewed on his website. He is currently working on contemporary three-dimensional works in recycled fusible glass and is extensively working with metal to create a truly unique extension to his work. Ed Martin solely designs all of his work and no pieces are ever duplicated. Much of his works are created for private commission contracts.


Ed Martin has shown his work form Los Angeles to New York and, due to the unique approach, his work is collected by people from all over the country. His work has been purchased by clients in over 6 countries, some with over 50 pieces in their collections.


" I am introducing an exclusive line of art lights. Each one is made in my studio so all are uniquely individual!" - Ed




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