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Aqua Fragmented

Aqua Fragmented


Aqua Fragmented (ONE OF OUR TOP SELLERS)
This aqua night light will delight with every color ranging room. Especially if it is lighter in color or you are by the ocean.


-Hand Crafted
-LED Lights last 100000+ Hours
-Low Heat, safe for Kids rooms
-Automatic Dimmer
-Lifetime Guarantee

Each nightlight pieced together by hand with each color being a different piece of glass fused together and assembled in our workshop. We promise that your light will be One-of-a-Kind.

The high efficiency LED Bulb Lasts 100000+ Hours and costs cents to run each year. You will never have to worry about buying new bulbs. The high efficiency bulb also never heats up so our nightlights are Safe for Kids Rooms.

With the Automatic Dimmer that turns the light up and down in response to lighting in the room you never have to remember to turn it on and off. When the lights are on in a room, the light will turn off automatically.

Our lights come with a Lifetime Guarantee. If the light stops working for any reason, we will replace your base with a new one when you send us the old one, no questions asked.

NOTE: Due to the unique nature of every nightlight, the nightlight received will be made from the same mix of glass as the one pictured. This means that all of the nightlights will have varying sized pieces and amounts of colors; the colors will be the same but the amount of each color will vary.

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